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Updated: Jan 24, 2018

A big hello from all of us here at The Toastie Club!

We have finally done it, we have jumped in at the deep end, bought an old horse box, built a website and only ruddy gone and set up our own business!

The Toastie Club team is made up of three pals from Derby; Ash, Rhi and Jen. We all met whilst working at a branding and marketing agency together, and it wasn’t long until we all decided we had something in common = food, and just as importantly, a drive to go to work everyday, doing something we love. In fact, we were at a foodie event (several gins down!) whilst we came up with the idea of starting our own street food business. Figures, eh?

Toasties weren’t the original plan, in fact we went through a whole list before settling on that badboy. Not to mention 6,543,564 toasties. But us girls, loving our carbs and particularly our cheese (one of us even has experience as a cheesemonger!), and loving the flexibility the option of toasties gave us - the fact that one food type can produce both savoury and sweet meals, perfect for our piggie sweet tooths - led to The Toastie Club being born. Have we had our reservations? Hell yes, but I challenge you to find someone who would turn their nose up to a gooey cheese toastie!

So here’s to 2018! A year we are looking to get stuck into the local street food scene. Offering up food to make your belly happy, from breakfast right through until the wee hours of the morning. Our menu is tailored per event and depending on the season, but will always include a range of tasty vegetarian and meat toasties to choose from. The Toastie Club are also available to hire for external catering, and in these instances can personalise the menu around your specific requirements, including more child-friendly options.

Massive thanks go out to some key toastie kings for helping us in the kitting out of the trailer and all the work that has gone into the cheese-tastic branding, as well as all the toastie tasters. You guys are the gratest! *No doubt, the first of many cheese puns*

Thanks for joining us as we start this adventure. We hope to see you pigging out at one of our events soon!

The Toastie Club x


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