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An ode to Real Bread


Hambleton Bakery

Sound the trumpets - a whole day dedicated to arguably our most vital ingredient. (Let’s not get started on the bread vs. cheese debate… but it is usually the cheese that gets all the glory in that relationship.)

And if National Toast Day wasn’t enough, next weekend marks the start of Real Bread Week 2018, and its 10th anniversary at that.

Real Bread Week 2018 runs from 24th Feb - 4th March, and is an international celebration of supporting your local, independent bakery and encouraging home-baking.

According to the Real Bread Campaign, the definition of Real Bread is: “that made without the use of processing aids or any other artificial additives”, and is a distinct movement away from the supermarket bought bread purchased out of convenience and laden with additives.

So why celebrate Real Bread?

Why is the rate of users suffering from Coeliac disease increasing, when the consumption of bread is falling?

Aside from shopping small and supporting local businesses, there are also health benefits associated with championing Real Bread.

One common rationale for the question above is that many modern baking techniques used in the creation of ‘factory bread’, for instance the increased fermentation period, means the bread misses out on an important transformative element and thus leads to increased cases of bloating, intolerance or discomfort after consumption.

Other health benefits of Real Bread include the maximised vitamin and mineral content, as well as a lower glycaemic index - the speed at which a particular food raises blood glucose levels. This is significantly lower in sourdough and wholemeal bread meaning stable glucose levels are maintained within the body over many hours, whereas processed white bread is the worst for this.

A match-made in bread heaven

Considering all the above, it seems a perfect time for us to announce our new bread supplier, the Hambleton Bakery!

To us, the choice of bread for our toasties is critical. Not just a vehicle for the filling, we want the bread sandwiching our toasties to be a tasty ingredient in its own right.

Since its conception in 2008, Hambleton Bakery has dedicated itself to the practice of baking traditional handmade artisan bread - no preservatives and no enzymes. Making bread for prestigious local eateries like Hambleton Hall and Hart’s, Hambleton Bakery now has 6 retail outlets around the East Midlands region.

The bakery has won several awards and is held in high acclaim, so much so that even my Mother in Law* travels the 57 mile journey back to Nottingham from her home in Daventry, to satisfy her Hambleton Bakery cravings and stock up on a stash! She clearly has very good taste.

But don’t just take our word for it, feast your eyes on these beauties and come and try it out for yourself in one of our toasties!

Ash x

*Caveat: I am not married, but for ease of the clunkiness of explaining the woman in question is my boyfriend’s mother, it is easier to refer to Barbara as that.


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